20 December 2019

Family Tree Magazine: Christine Jackson article

Somewhat cryptically, Christine Jackson emailed to let me know "You might be interested in the article starting on p 16 of the Jan 2020 issue of the UK Family Tree magazine . . ."

I don't subscribe, and I could find no complete listing of contents online. In a summary of highlights I read "‘You could get back to the 1500s if you knew where to look’! Researcher Christine Jackson has a fascinating case study to help you find out how to trace back to Tudor times!"
Another email exchange with Christine confirmed that the article was on "early unusual sources I used in my Cowley research."

BIFHSGO members will recall Christine's monthly meeting presentations and articles in Anglo-Celtic Roots (ACR). The Cowley Family Saga - Part 3: Back to the Beginning was published in the Fall 2015 issue. The previous parts were in Fall 2014 and 2013. Like all issues of ACR, except the four most recent, thanks to BIFHSGO they're online and free for all to enjoy at https://bifhsgo.ca/clist.php?nm=108/.

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