05 December 2019

Where did they walk? Online Database of British and Irish Hills

Your British and/or Irish ancestors most likely walked, to get to and from school or work (uphill and against the wind both ways), to visit friends and relatives, or for the enjoyment of the countryside.

For the latter check out the Hill Bagging database. It has information on 19,507 British hills and 1,451 for Ireland.

Find out what's available by clicking on Mountain Search from the left-hand menu, scroll in and click "Show all hills within map bounds" from the text beside the map.

Two entries are for hills I climbed to as a teen near the village where my grandmother lived in North Yorkshire, Captain Cook's monument on Easby Moor and Roseberry Topping. This YouTube video makes the point on the opportunity for enjoyment of the countryside for the urban dweller.

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Marian said...

I will certainly take a look, John. My Skottowe ancestors owned Aireyholme Farm on the lower slopes of Roseberry Topping, so know exactly where your grandmother lived.