19 December 2019

LAC Co-Lab update

Here's the monthly update on Co-Lab challenges projects as of 18 December.


George Mully: moments in Indigenous communities (new)

Correspondence regarding First Nations veterans returning after the First World War is 16% complete (5% last month)

Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 is 57% complete (51% last month).

Rosemary Gilliat (Eaton)’s Arctic diary and photographs is 44% complete (42% last month)

Letters from Wilfrid Laurier to Zoé Lafontaine/Laurier is 98% complete (96% last month).


Legendary Train Robber and Prison Escapee Bill Miner is 98% complete

War Diaries of the First World War: 1st Canadian Division is 94% complete.

The Call to Duty: Canada's Nursing Sisters is 86% complete.

Japanese-Canadians: Second World War is 61% complete.

New France and First Nations Relations is 33% complete.


Personal Diary of the Baroness Macdonald - Lady Macdonald (95% last month).


The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918–1919.

Correspondence between Sir Robert Borden and Sir Sam Hughes.


One of the indicators for the LAC Three-year plan 2019-2022 is the number of records enhanced by user contributions in the Co-Lab crowdsourcing tool. The indicator is to be released quarterly as is the indicator number of images digitized via DigiLab.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lady Macdonald's Diary is no longer listed in the Co-Lab report because posting it on Co-Lab was a mistake and so when this was pointed out it was removed. The work on it was completed[?] two years ago and it is finally available on the website - http://collectionscanada.gc.ca/pam_archives/index.php?fuseaction=genitem.displayEcopies&lang=eng&rec_nbr=122166&title=Family%20papers.%20%20Baroness%20Macdonald%20%5btextual%20record%5d.&ecopy=e008468893-t
No editing seems to have been done by LAC staff and apparently no one even read the comments before putting the work on line, as no attention was paid to the comments about duplicated images, for instance. It makes me feel that the time I spent working on this was totally wasted.