06 December 2019

Last minute notice: DNA Workshop

The following is information about a meeting organized by Ottawa Branch, OGS on Saturday, 7 December⋅13:00 – 17:00 at the City of Ottawa Archives, 100 Tallwood Drive (Room 228).

Jason Porteous will again help you to use Genome Mate Pro (GMP). You need not have prior knowledge of the program. Jason will get you through uploading your match info into a database. After that it's fairly easy to learn through playing around with the various tools inside.

Bring your laptop. The GMP database is set up to work from it. Download your match information. This can be done for FTDNA (csv match file on main matches list at bottom, and csv segment list from Chromosome viewer page), for MyHeritage it is a somewhat complicated process that I can cover. For 23andMe it is also complicated but doable using third party site DNAGedcom, and for Ancestry it can't be done directly but is doable indirectly by matching others from Ancestry or any company who have transferred to the third party site GEDmatch . I recommend everyone, regardless where originally testing, transfers to GEDmatch to allow across company comparisons and to generate the largest match list of genetic cousins possible. Please read their terms of service closely. 

We will not be providing refreshments but you are welcome to bring your own coffee/tea and water bottles can be filled at the water stations in the City Archives. We will be upstairs in Room 228.

Jason may also go over the new tools from Borland Genetics which allow you to partially/fully phase your DNA test results (ie. separate your maternal from paternal chromosome to create a "mono" DNA kit that on GEDmatch will only return matches to one parent while also greatly reducing false matches). He's also open to discussing chromosome mapping as well.

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