07 December 2019

OGS Ottawa Branch Golden Anniversary Family History Project

The following is information from OGS Ottawa Branch.

To help celebrate the 50 years of Ottawa Branch, we would like members to donate a copy of their family history to our Branch library. Every family history sent in during 2020 will be noted in the library catalogue as a Golden Anniversary and will be marked on the spine or cover (to make them easier to identify on the shelves) with a small gold coloured symbol.

If you have already donated a family history, consider updating it with any new information. These family histories will join the over 800 family histories now in our library, ensuring that the stories are never lost.

As well, the Branch is indexing all the library’s family histories in TONI, the Ontario Name Index. To speed this task, we would ask you to send us an electronic version of either the whole family history or the index if you have one. These files will be used only to add the names to TONI. Please send the files to toni@ogs.on.ca with the name of your family history in the subject line.

I wondered what constituted a suitable donation. Here's a reply:

We normally accept only properly formatted genealogical information (paper or electronic format); electronic files must be readable by a web-browser on a Windows machine (e.g., pdf or html). We may accept useful items that can be catalogued and placed on the shelves, even if in a three-ring binder and never published. All materials proposed for donation will be reviewed prior to accepting it since everything must be put through a triage process before it comes into the building. Ideally, family histories should be indexed for easier research access.

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