31 December 2019

Thank you — 2019

The end of another trip around the sun is an opportunity to acknowledge those who have been helpful in providing the fodder for the blog.
But first, thank you to all readers. Mostly I don't know who you are, where you are or what especially keeps you coming back. I do know that more than 200 addresses are subscribed. Thank you!
Extra thanks to those who send comments and tips, particularly to BT who contributed most comments this year.

Gifts from MyHeritage include a
throw blanket with the advice
"There is no reason not to follow your dreams."
A special thanks to Findmypast, MyHeritage and Ancestry, companies that provide me free access to facilitate coverage of new resources.
In addition, Ancestry provided prizes for the December draw and hosted breakfast at RootsTech London.
MyHeritage, in the person of Daniel Horowitz, came to Ottawa to give presentations in August — the company gave me a couple of nice gifts during the year. Did you see their year-end wrap-up?
Thanks to FamilySearch for giving me free access to RootsTech London as an Ambassador.
Thanks to the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa, the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, the Historical Society of Ottawa and their volunteers without whom they wouldn't function. Their meetings always provide stimulation.

For a roundup of Canadian genealogy happenings in 2019 see Gail Dever's 2019: A year of Canadian genealogy in review.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks to you, John, for another year of interesting blogs. I always look forward to interesting Sunday Sundries. But I think that you are out by two decimal places on the number of addresses subscribed - only 200?

Linda Reid said...

And thank you, John, for sharing so much on your blog.

reflective thoughts by barbara said...

Well I am a fellow Canadian who enjoys your posts. Keep up the good work and see you or read you in 2020.

Anonymous said...

I did? Cheers, BT

Celia Lewis said...

You're one of my must-read genealogy blogs, John. I appreciate all the news you pass on to us. Cheers for the new year!!