01 January 2020

YourGenealogy Today: Jan/Feb 2020


COVER: School Books and Report Cards
David A. Norris looks at resources for researching your ancestor’s school days. He includes textbooks and performance reports that may have survived in the family as well as information to be found in newspapers.
Don't overlook school yearbook, such as those for the Ottawa Collegiate Institute that I'm finding helpful in some of my research on WW1 burial at Beechwood cemetery.

Genealogy & the Law
Judy G. Russell looks at how US law is changing with respect to DNA and criminal investigations

Storytelling – Weaving Yarns into the Irish Family Fabric
Joe Grandinetti looks at the importance of storytelling and your Irish family history. He includes links to websites and Facebook pages for three notable storytellers.

Information Wanted
Diane L. Richard offers tips for finding “lost” Civil War veterans and Irish immigrants via newspapers

More Genealogy Adventuring on Virginia’s Eastern Shore
St. Leger “Monty” Joynes returns to the Eastern Shore for a genealogy adventure vacation

For the Birds: Capturing Stories in Flight
Sue Lisk offers strategies for getting relatives engaged and talking about family history using an interest in birds as an example.

Leaving Your Genealogical Footprint
Robbie Gorr gives tips on leaving a genealogical legacy for future generations — except no mention of writing a biography or family history to be deposited in an archive or library!

Don’t Forget The Most Important Question!
John M. Hoenig advises: If you ask only one question, ask “Where?”
Although I'd put who and when before where there's good advice in this article on finding family locations.

Romance in the Air
Sue Lisk suggests a few ways you might reveal some of the romance in your ancestors’ lives.
Another well-constructed story from Sue.

Researching Church Records in Louisiana
Leslie Michele Derrough reminds us that records at the Diocese in Baton Rouge are not just for Catholics

The Back Page: Cleaning Up Your Data Can Reveal Unexpected Results
Dave Obee corrects geographical names in his database which leads to thoughts of another research road trip.

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