12 January 2020

LAC Scholars: a closed process

Last month I posted on Library and Archives Canada Scholars Awards, "created to recognize the outstanding contribution of individuals who have dedicated their lives to the creation and promotion of our country’s literary and historical heritage."

I contacted the LAC Foundation requesting clarification on the nomination process for the Scholars Program, and how it operates.

Here's the response.

The Nomination and Selection process for LAC Scholars is managed by a jury of experts from various cultural heritage fields, overseen by a committee of the Foundation. The nominations are the product of recommendations and consultations conducted by the various jury members. There is no public call for nominations.

Proposed recipients are recommended to the Chair of the Foundation and the Librarian and Archivist of Canada for endorsement.

With no opportunity for the public to make nominations this first stage of the process is open to abuse. If the Order of Canada can accept nominations why not LAC Scholars?

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G.B. in St. C. said...

How discouraging, John. But not surprising. I have written about and spoken out about the lack of interest in culture or heritage by every level of government, Federal, Provincial and Municipal. I volunteer in the field of history, heritage, arts and genealogy.

The last decade of the Federal Ministry of Heritage has been to never attend to heritage or cultural interests beyond Broadcasting.

And now this. Unnamed 'expert' jurists will decide on scholarly works and no input from the public required, thank you.

Again, thanks for this G.B. in St. C.