27 January 2020

Lord Tweedsmuir

The Historical Society of Ottawa on Wednesday 29 January 2020, 1 pm at the OPL (Main) hosts William Galbraith speaking on Lord Tweedsmuir - Soldier, Spy, Thriller Writer...Governor General.
John Buchan, Scottish-born renowned author of spy thrillers such as The Thirty-Nine Steps, became Lord Tweedsmuir, Governor General of Canada in 1935. His appointment created a nation-wide controversy, but he was nonetheless welcomed for the accomplished individual he was.
Tweedsmuir changed the tone at Rideau Hall, making it less formal. Mackenzie King, who was Prime Minister when Tweedsmuir arrived on Canadian shores in November 1935, had first met John Buchan in England in 1919, and in 1924 hosted the Buchans at Laurier House and at Kingsmere.
J. William (Bill) Galbraith was born in Fort Frances, Northwestern Ontario. He backpacked throughout Europe and the Mediterranean region before taking degrees from Carleton University and from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Following studies, and more backpacking, he worked first for a private sector business research organization and subsequently served in a number of federal government departments and agencies, involving investment review, intelligence, national security policy, and intelligence review. Bill retired in July 2018 and lives in Ottawa with his wife Kate. They have three grown children and three grandchildren.

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