15 January 2020

Dick Eastman Celebrates

Congratulations to genealogy uber-blogger Dick Eastman who celebrates 24 years of "blogging" today.

His involvement actually pre-dates blogs — it was originally called a newsletter and he has a 24-year record of posting, continuing week-in, week-out through travel and health issues.

Dick was one of the inspirations for my blog. Read his celebratory post here.


Anonymous said...

Good morning John & thanks! I've just subscribed to Dick Eastman's electronic newsletter :). I have a lot of carching up to read past issues!

Sophronia said...

I too subscribe to Dick Eastman's blog. Sometimes you beat him to the news but I still find some of his info useful although very little of my research is in North America. Actually there's a number of bloggers whose content are great for genealogists. Two that come to mind are Janet Few (History Interpreter https://thehistoryinterpreter.wordpress.com/) and Roberta Estes (DNA Explained https://dna-explained.com/).