31 January 2020

Would you binge watch genealogy?

Quelle idée! Innovation genealogy leader MyHeritage is holding a FREE 24-Hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon.

You'll need time to rest up so this is advance notice.

The marathon will begin on Thursday, 12 March at 5 P.M. ET through to Friday, 13 March, at 5 P.M.

Each lecture will be 45 minutes long, including 10 minutes for questions at the end.  Here's the schedule with my top three picks highlighted:

How Do I Know It's Correct: Evidence and ProofRebecca Koford, CG, CGLThu Mar 12, 5pm
Not Who He Once Was: Tips for Finding Your Name-Changing AncestorMary Kircher Roddy, CG6:00 PM
A Vast and Virtual Genealogical Library is Waiting for Your ExplorationMike Mansfield7:00 PM
How DNA Influences Our IdentityDiahan Southard8:00 PM
Searching By Name: Swedish Records Using ArkivDigitalKathy Meade9:00 PM
Advanced Googling for Your GrandmaCyndi Ingle10:00 PM
Can a Dead Man Sign a Deed?Kelvin L. Meyers11:00 PM
Civil Registration in AustraliaHelen V. SmithFri Mar 13, 12am
Four Sources for New Zealand Family HistoryFiona Brooker1:00 AM
Documents of DeathHelen V. Smith2:00 AM
MyHeritage DNA 101Ran Snir3:00 AM
Emigration via HamburgAndrea Bentschneider4:00 AM
Thankful Villages: the Impact of World War One on CommunitiesKirsty Gray5:00 AM
Empower yourself with the MyHeritage DNA Health testShahar Bitton6:00 AM
How to Use Dutch Parish Records from the 17th and 18th CenturyJohn Boeren7:00 AM
Researching a Hessian SoldierCraig R. Scott, MA, CG8:00 AM
Researching Scandinavian Ancestors? It's Amazing What You Can LearnMike Mansfield9:00 AM
Black, Yellow, Red: Find Your Belgian Ancestors!Marie Cappart10:00 AM
The Third Coast: How the Great Lakes Shaped AmericaCari Taplin, CG11:00 AM
Digital Image Workflows That Really WorkDenise May Levenick12:00 PM
The Coded Census: Deciphering U.S. CensusThomas MacEntee1:00 PM
Advanced Features of MyHeritage.comDaniel Horowitz2:00 PM
The Science of Family HistoryDevin Ashby3:00 PM
My Ancestors Were Normans - Oh Really? Prove It!Dr. Bruce Durie4:00 PM

Tune in and out when you want, view recordings that will be available free for a week, or watch them anytime with a webinar membership to FamilyTreeWebinars.com.


Anonymous said...

Nope. Only impeachment news. Cheers, BT

reflective thoughts by barbara said...

Yes, I am registered. Great idea.

Nancy Frey said...

I'd love to attend this Webinar Marathon, unfortunately it is not free. As a senior with limited money to spare on genealogy, I can't fit it into my budget.

JDR said...

Post updated to emphasize that it is FREE

Claudia said...

About two episodes of anything is all I can watch at one time.

Celia Lewis said...

Registered - I'll watch some now, some later, and there are several which are irrelevant to my research, so I may give them a pass. I suspect the group will be held on Legacy Webinars website as are other MyHeritage webinars - giving us time to plan to watch a second or third time on the ones we loved or got confused on!! :)