09 January 2020

French Senate Opens The Way to Genetic Genealogy Testing

Here's good news vis a post on the ‎International Society of Genetic Genealogy Facebook Group.

The Senate adopted this afternoon on first reading the proposal of Senator Olivier Heno submitted on January 2 to allow genetic genealogy tests in France. You will find the full text of the modification at the end of this message.

Here is a crucial first step, although not without limit as you will discover in the text.....

" I. - after article 16-10 of the civil code, an article 16-10-1 is added as follows:

" Art. 16-10-1.-by derogation from article 16-10 of this code and articles l. 1131-1 and l. 1131-1-3 of the public health code, a review of the genetic characteristics of a person can be carried out for family research purposes, with a view to seeking possible close proximity or to estimate geographical origins. It is subordinated to the express consent of the person collected prior to the conduct of the exam, if necessary in a secure and secure format. It cannot give rise to medical information and cannot be covered by health insurance."

UPDATE: This proposal was rejected at a later stage of the process.

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