10 December 2019

MyHeritage adds mystery Canadian Burial Index

On 4 December MyHeritage added this large database.

Canada, Burials, 1800-2019 FREE NEW
2,137,853 records
This collection is an index to burial records from Canada. Records typically list the name of the deceased, death year, birth year and burial place. Burials usually took place with a few days of death.

The search form has space for death place and keyword but they are not functional.

A search returns name, birth year, death year, and burial place.

I found records from all provinces except Newfoundland and Labrador.

There's no information about the source(s).


Teresa said...

Well, it doesn't have my dad's burial from 2001...interesting...

Judy Thamas said...

John, if you're looking for burials in Newfoundland, this is the link to burials prior to 2010: http://ngb.chebucto.org/ . This was how I found my father's cousin's grave.