19 November 2020

Ontario Township Papers Online

They're a fundamental source for early Ontario, known as Upper Canada and Canada West, The Archives of Ontario lists the date range as ca. 1783-ca.1870 and describes them as:

a miscellaneous group of land-related records, which have been arranged by township name, then by concession and lot or by town name and lot number. Under any lot for which documents are available, researchers may find the following: copies of orders-in-council; copies of location certificates and location tickets; copies of assignments; certificates verifying the completion of settlement duties; copies of receipt; copies of descriptions; and copies of patents; and copies of incoming correspondence.

AO has a pdf list of what's available on microfilm at http://ao.minisisinc.com/LISTS/RG%20%201-58.pdf. They inform how to access them at AO (when it's open) or by microfilm interloan.

What AO does not tell you is that there's a large collection of these microfilms digitized and available through FamilySearch that you can browse free from home.

Go to https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/185567?availability=Family%20History%20Library for communities A- H and https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/2759321?availability=Family%20History%20Library for H-Z.

Click on the icon on the right, sign in to FamilySearch if you've not already done so, and start browsing. They're handwritten, reading them is often a challenge.



Chuck Buckley said...

Thanks for posting these links.
Unfortunately you have to go to a Family History Centre to see these records listed on FamilySearch.org. Perhaps we should lobby Archives of Ontario to change the way they are licensed.

JDR said...

Before I posted this I checked and I was able to access these from home. Don't be deterred by the key over the icon. Make sure you're logged in with a free account.

Mike More said...

Ontario Ancestors announced recently that the Archives of Ontario had just given FamilySearch permission to release publicly. BTW, there are a very small number of Township Papers, mostly Kawartha area, that have been indexed in TONI, but the index is not linked to FamilySearch (as they were done earlier), so you will still have to follow John's instructions to look at the images.

Irene said...

Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives has digitized the McNab Township Township Papers. They are available with a searchable finding aid on a CD that is for sale. It shows in publications under resources.

kintail said...

I just accessed Lochiel and Hawkesbury west from home too. You need to click on the film icon. Ignore the FNC link.
Confusing mash up but interested to find that original land grants in Glengarry came out of Luneburg and were assigned to Lancaster, which was later converted to Lochiel concession and lot #s

Anonymous said...

kintail - further to Mike More's comment above, the names from Lochiel have also been indexed in TONI.

Lois Vancouver Island said...

Thanks very much John for this information. I guess that is my 2021 all booked up!!