22 May 2009

Are your ancestors lost in London?

If you have ancestors who lived in London you may well have spent time with maps trying to figure out just where they lived. London is so vast its easy to get lost. Some resources I've found helpful are the various maps free online from Map and Plan Collection Online, MAPCO.

The site offers a wide variety of maps, from Roman times to the early 20th century, many in colour and with impressive sufficient resolution.

The site is frequently updated with additions and improvements.

The image is a degraded overview, hopefully clear enough to give a general impression but degraded sufficiently to keep me out of copyright problems, of Cross's New Plan Of London 1850. At 4½" to 1 statute mile it is a work of art and close enough to the 1851 census to be helpful in locating roads once you zoom in.

Stanford's Map Of London Showing The Boundaries Of Parishes, Ecclesiastical Districts, And Poor Law Divisions 1877 is 3" to 1 statute mile. Use it to locate the church your ancestor may have used, and the records of which may contain information on baptisms and marriages.

MAPCO has maps from further afield than London. Set aside some time when you visit as it's all too easy to get drawn in.

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