27 May 2009

OGS develops e-Library

The following is a 27 May press release from the Ontario Genealogical Society


The Board of the Ontario Genealogical Society has approved an ambitious program to digitize and place online the Society's provincial library.

The online e-Library will operate much as a regular library. Anyone will be able to borrow a book and, if a copy of the book is available, will receive a coded file containing the book. The patron will be able to read the book for a period of time, say two weeks, after which the file becomes unavailable. The book cannot be copied. These restrictions ensure that copyright is not infringed.

The 3 500 family histories held by the library will be scanned first. Periodicals and OGS publications still in print will not be placed online. It will take well over a year to get the entire library online. The system will be tested within the next few weeks when about a hundred books will be placed online within the Members Only section of the OGS website. The system will be available to the general public in the early fall when more than a thousand books become available.

The Society is investing $16 500 in software, to be taken from the Endowment Fund, and will incur an annual expense of several thousand dollars, essentially to ensure that copyright is not infringed. As a result there will have to be a fee for each book borrowed. The Board will determine the fee at its May meeting. It is expected to be small for Society Members and much larger for non-members. OGS Members should note that OGS in-print publications will not be included in the e-Library.

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BDM said...

I wonder if OGS has a provision for family history authors to opt out of the digitizing? Maybe the weekend will tell.