17 May 2009

A collective noun for genealogists?

Toronto librarian Stephen Abram posted a Facebook item recently What is a Group of Librarians?

He blogged some of the responses here.

A gaggle of librarians
A collection of librarians
A catalogue of librarians
A catalog of librarians
A shush of librarians
A volume of librarians
A flap of librarians.

Shush is my favourite.

I wondered about a collective for genealogists, Googled it and found a recent Rootschat discussion. I especially liked the suggestion

An Ahnentafel of Genealogists.

My suggestion, with an eye to the Genealogical Proof Standard, is

A Coherency of Professional Genealogists

If you can do better please post your suggestions.


CMA said...

A collective term for genealogists? Here are some suggestions:
A kinship
A continuity
An affiliation
A forbearance
An obsession (my husband likes this one)
A great-great grand total of genealogists
A long line of genealogists
What do you call a single genealogist? Silverilocks and the Forebears

CMA said...

...and how about a stack of librarians?

Randy Seaver said...

I like the obsession of genelaogists.

A passion of genealogists.

An enthusiasm of genealogists.

A persistence of genealogists.

Anonymous said...

A wealth of genealogists. In terms of knowledge and family we are wealthy.