08 May 2009

A little more information on LAC newspaper digitisation

The following information. passed along without comment, was sent to members of LAC's Services Advisory Board and should be posted by LAC shortly.

LAC hopes to complete the digitisation of The Canada Gazette in 2009.

In the fall of 2009, LAC will launch the French Canadian Newspapers exhibition and database, which will feature LAC's entire collection of first, final and special editions of French Canadian newspapers spanning the period from 1808 to 1919 online (approximately 240 editions of 4-20 pages each for an estimated total of 4800 digital pages).

The following three publications will be featured in the searchable database: Le Courier du Canada (1857– 1901), √Čvangeline (1887-1910) , and La Gazette d’Ottawa (followed by Le Canada, 1878-1898).

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