19 May 2009

Sylvie Tremblay on Roots Television

Just posted on Roots Television is a short interview Dick Eastman recorded with Sylvie Tremblay where she describes the services provided, and records available, at LAC and especially from the Canadian Genealogy Centre.

Sylvie emphasized the web presence mentioning some statistics that were new to me. CGC has 375 bilingual web pages, and the site received 7 million page view in 2008, double that of the previous year. The most popular records are the WW1 military files.

She gave a useful tip that much material is stored off-site and people coming from out of town need to order the material they want to view in advance. It's a good (correction) idea to check that the order was filled and is waiting before you travel.

The interview was recorded at the New England Regional Genealogical Conference last month. Other interviews recorded at the same meeting are Dan Lynch on Google Your Family Tree and dynamic Donna Walcovy on gravestone and cemetery preservation.

These and many other interviews can be found at Roots Television.


Anonymous said...

You say that "It's a goof idea..." which may be true but did you mean "It's a GOOD idea..." ????

WJM said...

I just went to check to see if ordered material is in.

Of course, I'm 25 minutes too late, it being Wednesday.