29 May 2009

Genealogy books online

I'm informed that on Thursday Stephen Young and Rex Peterson of FamilySearch gave a presentation to Family History Centre volunteers in Toronto.

They mentioned the digitization at BYU of family histories in their collection. They gave an example of how to see a sample.

Look in the Family History Library Catalogue under author "Becker, John Adams". (The same John Becker who edits Families). If you click on his first book, you'll see a link that takes you immediately to a digital copy of the book. You should see it through this link. It's all free!

Is OGS checking for availability of the books they intend digitizing from the Society library from other sources, with deeper pockets, before going ahead?

Added note: I spoke to Stephen Young and Rex Peterson at the OGS conference in Oakville and learnt that the books available in full text are the same as those at the BYU Family History Archive.

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