24 May 2009

Which Canadian newspaper? Turn to McKim

McKim's Canadian Newspaper Directory claimed to be "a thoroughly complete and up to date hand-book
of Canadian Journalism." The main purpose was to assist potential advertisers. It included circulation ratings and details concerning each paper.

It also served as a mini-gazetteer.

Genealogists turn to newspapers for birth, marriage and death notices, and family historians know they contain much more of interest. But which paper do you look for if your ancestor's community didn't boast a paper? As shown in the extract, McKim's directory can help as the listing for each community with a paper including surrounding towns and villages where no papers were published.

McKim directories for 1899, 1905, 1909 and 1919 have been digitized for the Internet Archive by the University of Toronto. See a clickable list here.

I find the Flip Book (beta) reader to be best as it allows zooming and searching.

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