07 May 2009

London Ancestors Rest in Peace. But Where?

The speaker for this month's BIFHSGO meeting should be familiar to readers to this blog. Yes, this posting is unmitigated self-promotion. Here's the announcement copied from the BIFHSGO website.

10:00 a.m., 9 May 2009 at Library & Archives Canada 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa

"London Ancestors Rest in Peace. But Where?"
Presented by John D Reid.
It can be very difficult to locate an ancestor's place of burial in London... Unlike English BMDs, there is no single national registration of burials. Seven of my ancestors were lost in London. The talk describes my approach to finding their final resting places and burial documentation. How successful was the search?.

Plus, a pre-BIFHSGO presentation at 9 a.m. Ridge Williams will be giving a talk on "Search for your Welsh ancestors".

Blog Log:
Today, 7 May 2009, is exactly three years since
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Persephone said...

Enjoyed your talk immensely and immediately seized upon your "My Maps" suggestion at Google. So far, I've created maps tracking the whereabouts of my husband's ancestors in Kent, and both his and mine in London. (Lots of near misses!)