18 July 2012

Ancestry adds US Border Entries and Passenger Lists for Canadian ports

Ancestry has added two new databases with entries for alien arrivals (visitors would be so much more welcoming, but that doesn't appear to be the US psyche.)

British Columbia, Canada, Border Entries and Passenger Lists, 1894-1905, "is an index to manifests of aliens crossing from Canada and entering the U.S. from British Columbia, Canada from 1894-1905. Records included in this collection include arrivals by both ship and land. The type of information generally contained in this database includes:

Ship, Railway, or Airline name
Port of departure
Date of departure
Port of arrival
Date of arrival"

There are 42,740 records in this set with links to images of originals.

U.S., Records of Aliens Pre-Examined in Canada, 1922-1954 is a collection containing card manifests that were created prior to an immigrant arriving at the US-Canada border. These cards are identical to the manifests used to record an alien’s arrival at the border.
Information in this index includes:
Any known Aliases
Marital status
Birth date
Other information which may be found on the cards includes physical description, purpose of visit, passport and other immigration information, occupation, names of friends or next of kin, and residence information.

These 74,224 records were collected at Winnipeg and Halifax, and include images of originals.

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