31 July 2012

New UK TV WDYTYA line-up

WDYTYA magazine has released the list of celebrities to be featured in the next BBC series, only two of whom I recognize. The list below is ordered by number of results returned for the name searched in Google Encrypted. In cases with duplicate names results returned are not representative of the celebrity's popularity (notarity?)
Annie Lennox, Scottish singer-songwriter, member of the Eurythmics. Also political activist and philanthropist. (7,870,000 Google hits).
Patrick Stewart, multi-talented actor still best known as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation (5,110,000 Google hits).
John Barnes, Jamaican-born English former football player, manager and TV commentator. (2,430,000)
John Bishop English comedian. (2,260,000)
Alex Kingston, known for her role in the NBC medical drama ER (1,690,000 Google hits)
Celia Imrie, actress on the stage, cinema and TV (857,000)
Hugh Dennis, English actor, comedian, writer, impressionist (385,000)
William Roache, best known for his role as Ken Barlow in the soap opera Coronation Street. (202,000).
Gregg Wallace, English writer, media (food) personality. (196,000)
Samantha Womack, best known for her role in the EastEnders soap opera. (160.000).

According to WDYTYA magazine the series is presently planned to commence on August 15.

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