11 July 2012

UK Yesterday channel rebranding

One of the ancillary pleasures in traveling to Britain is access to more intelligent television then we're subject to in Canada. Now that's not saying much! History Television Canada, for example, thinks appropriate fare is Pawn Stars, Weird or What, Swamp People, and American Pickers, just to mention some of Tuesday's programming.

In the UK the BBC has frequent historical content, something the CBC rarely bring themselves to program. There are  also UK history channels, more than one, and also Yesterday, which had as prime time offering for Tuesday, Edwardian Farm and Ian Hislop's Age of Go-gooders with an episode called Suffer the Little Children "focusing on children's rights, with a recognition of Thomas Barnardo's philanthropic work."

Unfortunately, a press release "UKTV rebrands Yesterday channel" announces the channel will seek to appeal to a younger demographic while holding that "older people ... want to see just as much sex and violence as everyone else." From October yesterday viewers can look forward to programmes such as “British Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld” and “Fight Club: A History of Violence”.

As Seniors are joined by Baby Boomers to form the fastest-growing demographic, and with ever longer life expectancy, maybe some smart British entrepreneur will see the opportunity for a Day Before Yesterday channel.


Archivus said...

Fortunately, we do not have to reply on the CBC. As far as British programming is concerned, PBS offers mysteries (if that is to your liking), but last week started a four part series, "The Story of England" with well-known writer, Michael Wood. TVO recently aired a fascinating program on Mantle, a vast Huron village located near present-day Stouffville, Ontario. Lots for the history buff, but not enough for some (this viewer included).

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian now living in England I am not adverse to them adding to the Yesterday channel but hope they don't change the programming entirely. some of the items on that channel however are ones that were previously from other channels ... such as Time Team (archaeology program) and History of Scotland. Canada has for many years been influenced by American TV though.