15 July 2012

FMP adds North Yorkshire and new plastic surgery records

If you have ancestors baptized between 1600 and 1869 in the North Yorkshire communities of Danby (Glaisdale), Egton, Gilling (Forcett), Guisborough, Kirby Fleetham, Manfield, Ormesby (Eston), Richmond, Sessay, Stanwick St John, Ugglebarnby, Whitby (Sleights) a new addition to findmypast.co.uk may be of help.

Also at findmypast.co.uk, a new collection of records for 2,328 men who received facial plastic surgery from Dr Harold Gillies between 1917 and 1925. He worked at The Queen's Hospital in Sidcup, Kent. Owing to the sensitive nature of the full record only transcription indexes are online. There are Canadian servicemen patients included.

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