13 July 2012

DNA update

A couple of DNA news items slipped being posted here while I was otherwise occupied, but still merit a mention.

  • A couple of days remain to take advantage of Family Tree DNA's summer sale which ends on the 15th. There's an $80 reduction on a Family Finder (autosomal) test which both men and women can take to identify others in the database who may be close relatives, as distant as 4th cousin more of less. That's $100 less than the equivalent test at 23andMe although there you get health-related genetic information as well and results for mitochondrial and Y-DNA (for males). 23andMe have a larger database but likely fewer clients with genealogical interest. The FTDNA special has discounts on other tests including a first time ever upgrade discount to a 111 marker Y-DNA test.
  • The Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation database at www.smgf.org has been updated with new Y and mitochondrial DNA data. If you tested with SMGF, would like to compare your DNA results from elsewhere, or are just curious to see the type of results obtained for people with your surname this is a place to go. You need a free registration for access. Your Genetic Genealogist has additional information.

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