25 July 2012

Super offer from Find My Past

Find My Past has jumped the pond landing in the US with an amazing pioneer offer, a 75% discount for the complete World Subscription to a limited number of early subscribers. If you've ever thought of a Find My Past subscription this is the one to grab while available. Check it out yourself at findmypast.com.

The press release is below, and in case you're wondering, I have no financial interest in this deal. I am a satisfied long-time FMP customer.

For Immediate Release
“Pioneer Offer” Provides World Subscription at a 75 Percent Discount; $4.95 per Month Instead of $20.83 per Month
LOS ANGELES, July 24, 2012 - Findmypast.com, a British-owned family history website, is marking its launch into the U.S. genealogy market on July 24 by offering its first customers a world subscription at a 75 percent discount – just $4.95 per month. This introductory price point will give access to not just a wealth of US census and vital records but also a vast overseas collection. The latter includes almost 1,000 unique British, Irish and Australian record collections, some of which contain up to 30 million records in a single collection. Findmypast.com is offering a limited number of these introductory-rate subscriptions on a “first come, first served” basis.
“The genealogy community knows $4.95 per month for these records is a steal,” says Brian Speckart, marketing manager of North America for findmypast.com and brightsolid online publishing, its parent company. “We want those new to family history searching to understand the weight of this offer before it’s over.”

A 12-month World Subscription to findmypast.com will normally cost $20.83 per month or $249.95 year –but customers who are quick enough to secure the “Pioneer Offer” will get one for just $4.95 per month or $59.95 per year.

Findmypast.com is the new US addition to a global network of findmypast websites – it joins existing findmypast sites in the UK, Ireland and Australia. It has recruited a separate US team, based in a new office in Venice, California. It is also a participant in the 1940 US Census Community Project, which is currently
indexing the 1940 US Census, for viewing on findmypast.com.

For more information on other subscription and payment options, visit findmypast.com.


Barbara said...

Thanks for the tip, John. I've been wanting to join FMP for sometime but just couldn't see my way to pay for both it and Ancestry at the high prices. I managed to get my subscription for the great low price of $59.95 USD on offer!

Bob said...

Findmypast has just gone from being a website to being a wreck site, and huge numbers of it's customers are rubbishing it.

At the beginning of April 2014 the British version of the site was changed to the preexisting version which had been the only version that had been available to the customers of it's overseas sites.

The British version was previously excellent and far superior, and many of it's customers used to praise and recommend it.

Now they say it is an innacurate and unusable mess, has an appallingly badly designed and tediously laborious to use search page.

Instead of separate record sets being searchable via individually tailored search pages all of the different record sets have been thrown into one big heap and users have to search them by filtering their search by entering lots of search criterion.

Then the searches return a huge mudddled mass of inaccurate unrelated and untargeted results.

Customers have posted over 1800 complaint messages so far on one complaint message thread on the British FMP site feedback forum.

They are also posting detailed it's rubbish messages on a product review site.

FMP has had so many phone complaints that a couple of days ago it stopped answering it's phones.