26 July 2012

Genographic Project 2.0

There's a new opportunity opening up to get your feet wet in genetic genealogy, a development of one that's already done that for tens if not hundreds of thousands of family historians.

National Geographic announce the availability of Geno 2.0.

Whereas the original Genographic project conducted the most basic test on either the Y-chromosome (for men) or mitochondrial DNA (for women) the new test will look at as many as 150,000 selected locations across the DNA spectrum.

You can read the details at the Your Genetic Genealogist blog.

As with the previous Genographic project, this is being conducted in collaboration with Family Tree DNA. I've been expecting some initiative from them -- it's been a while since the company, the long-time leader in genetic genealogy, has announced anything new except sales.

The cost is $199.95; pre-orders are being accepted at http://goo.gl/NOQj7

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