17 July 2012

Historic Nova Scotia newspapers online

The Nova Scotia Archives have augmented their historical newspapers collection online with first four decades (1813-1853) of the Acadian Recorder, one of Halifax's most important early newspapers, as well as The Liverpool Transcript (1854-1867) from Nova Scotia's South Shore.

The Acadian Recorder printed local, national and international news stories.
The Liverpool Transcript was  a "weekly miscellany of literature, art, science, and popular information" and is a representative example of a small town newspaper in the mid-nineteenth century.

These are browse images, unfortunately, not searchable. Read them, and other papers previously available online, at: http://gov.ns.ca/nsarm/virtual/newspapers/

If you have Nova Scotia genealogical interest you might want to browse through the diverse content, including detailed information about the contents of 34 township books or record collections added last December, at http://gov.ns.ca/nsarm/

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Anonymous said...

A link to your blog was posted on a facebook group page I belong to. I decided to browse through Acadian Reporter to see if I could find my gggg-grandparents' wedding announcement. Never, ever, thinking I actually would, I almost fell off my chair when their names were staring me in the face from an 1832 newspaper! Thank you so much for this link - I had no information on this family prior to 1861, only that some of their children were born in either NB or NS, and they might have married in 1832. Thank you, thank you!!