07 July 2012

Historic Canadian photographs from TNA

The (UK) National Archives have posted a collection of Canadian photographs on Flickr. There are almost 1,000 pictures including "some of the earliest known pictures of Toronto."

Ontario 98 photos
Manitoba 35 photos
Alberta 28 photo
Newfoundland and Labrador 201 photos
British Columbia 51 photos
Quebec 27 photos
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia 112 photos
'Canada in Pictures' 91 photos
Canadian Border 160 photos
Domestic architecture,1920s 20 photos
Lord Lovat's1928 tour (Alberta) 33 photos
Prince of Wales tour 122 photos

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Anonymous said...

Margaret Anne says: My cousin who lived in Kapuskasing Ontario loved seeing the photos about the military being there in WW I. They are on Ontario page #2.