Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Canada 150 report

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, having laboured for a full nine months, has produced a report (pdf) on its study of Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations.  It held a total of 18 meetings, during which it heard from 54 groups and individuals and received 15 written submissions. The committee reviewed the lessons from previous comparable events.

One of the principle recommendations is that  the Government of Canada consider the creation of an independent agency or corporation to plan, organize
and implement Canada’s 150th anniversary.

The remaining recommendations are regarding the work of that agency; specifically, explore ways and means for:

- providing special assistance with the marketing of new works of artistic expression created for Canada's 150th anniversary;

- assisting with the touring of Canadian  performing arts groups during the 2017
- encouraging communities and donors to assist with the completion of the Trans
Canada Trail;
projects  to digitize Canada’s documentary heritage;
- using information technologies and social media to encourage participation;
- assisting in tourism marketing, with incentives to encourage all Canadians to explore their country during 2017;
- supporting the development of museum projects, travelling exhibits and other museum-related initiatives.

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