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Internet Genealogy: Oct/Nov 2012

I've resubscribed to Internet Genealogy so will be mentioning it here rather than Family Chronicle. The Oct/Nov 2012 issue, with a freshened layout and improved readability, arrived promptly. Line spacing is greater meaning 10 fewer lines in a full column. I'm not sure about the design changes, such as right justified headings. Adjusting to change takes a while.

The cover-featured article, by George Morgan, on Google Maps covers Google Street View, saving a collection on Google's My Places, and other sources for street and building images and photographs. It's interesting to look at images of houses where you or your ancestors lived. Has the area been gentrified or seen better days?
The first article, by Thomas MacEntee, 1940 Census: Deciphering Your Ancestors' Data in Context, helps interpret some of the less obvious aspects of this newly available US census.
Tony Bandy has two articles, one gengraphically specific to Columbus, Ohio, the other on the increasingly popular Flip-Pal(R) mobile scanner. While generally positive he's a bit equivocal about the use for large documents.

Researching English Ancestors in the Province of Quebec
Ottawa-area writer Elizabeth Lapointe looks at resources for researching English-speaking ancestors in Quebec noting that the Quebec Family History Society is fast becoming the place to conduct initial research because of the databases they hold or access. Elizabeth mentions a surname list, but the web address is missing. Find it at QFHS-database/DB.php.

Here's the complete table of contents:

1940 Census: Deciphering Your Ancestors' Data in Context 
Thomas MacEntee enlightens us on how the 1940 Census is different from previous undertakings to count the population

Columbus Memory Project: Jewel of the Midwest 
Tony Bandy looks at one city's online resource for preserving the past 
Diane L. Richard looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

School Yearbooks & Newspapers David A. Norris shows us why the old alma mater... matters... to genealogists! 

Researching English Ancestors in the Province of Quebec 
Elizabeth Lapointe shows us valuable resources for researching English-speaking ancestors in the Province of Quebec
Mind Maps: Free Your Mind Lisa A. Alzo discusses how to use mind maps for genealogy research and writing

Flip-Pal® Mobile Scanner: Portable, Mobile Scanning 
Tony Bandy takes a test drive of one the most popular devices available for genealogists

Name Variant Tools 
Diane L. Richard wonders how many ways there are to spell a name

25 Sources for Locating Death Information 
Gena Philibert-Ortega offers options for trying to locate the information for an ancestor's death

Google Maps: Seeing Where They Lived 

George G. Morgan shows us how to visualize our ancestors' envitorment

Adventures with ArkivDigital 
Amanda Epperson discovers a way to research records of the Swedish Church online Family Heirloom Exchange 
Diane L. Richard looks into one business that reunites descendants with treasured family heirlooms

The Back Page 

Dave Obee enlightens us on the history of the Internet Archive

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GailD said...

This is yet another good issue of Internet Genealogy, filled with lots of good info. I like that the magazine targets both Canadian and US readers. For me, the new layout better refelcts the content of the magazine that is all about internet sources and how to use the internet to further our genealogy research. Another good post, John. Thanks.