Monday, 17 September 2012

CBC runs edited Don Cherry WDYTYA

CBC, having dropped its American game shows, and needing to fill out the schedule with no hockey available, is running a refreshed version of the Who Do You Think You Are series that originally ran in 2007.

At 8:30pm on Monday the episode with Don Cherry was shown in an edited form. Although it's hard to recall details from five years ago unmistakable was the addition of a voice over by Jeff Douglas.  Douglas, who is now one of the regular hosts of CBC radio As It Happens, was at the time the series originally ran hosting Ancestors in the Attic on History Television.

I got the impression the show had been streamlined to accommodate more ads and still stay within the 30 minute time-slot. Allowing for the ads that's only a third the length of WDYTYA elsewhere. It's nevertheless still a welcome addition to the schedule.

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