Sunday, 2 September 2012

Toronto Trust Cemeteries Indexing Project update

Jane MacNamara sent a note about progress on the Toronto Trust Cemeteries Indexing Project she has been leading for OGS Toronto Branch.

On August 29 another installment of the index to these cemeteries became live and searchable on You can now search:

York General Burying Ground (Potter’s Field) 1826 to 1855
Toronto Necropolis 1877 to 1935 (1850 to 1877 were already available)
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1876 to 1903
The more recent records include plot owners and next of kin names and full addresses. All indexed. You can also search by year or place of birth or death. A wiki entry is at

There are 37 people in the index who died in Ottawa including the mother of one of the Ottawa Sharpshooters. 8,276 are identified as born in England, 5,166 in Ireland, 4,677 in Scotland, 76 in Wales, and 24,341 in Toronto

There are more records in progress: Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1904 to 1935, and Prospect Cemetery 1890 to 1935. A lot of names. Your help would be welcome. Please contact Jane MacNamara at if you’d like to participate.

Congratulations to Jane and her team who are now seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

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