Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Something new in family history?

Has any genealogical or family history society tried this before?

On September 13 2012 at 7 pm OGS Niagara Branch, which is gaining a reputation for technological innovation, will be hosting not just a webinar, that's so 2010, but a remote tour of the Buffalo Public Library "LIVE" from Buffalo.

This meeting will be streamed from Buffalo online to Thorold and to branch members worldwide. The Buffalo Library has an extensive collection of genealogical material and online databases which you can only access in their library.



Ellen Thorne Morris said...

Wonderful idea, will share it in my county genealogy society!

Steve Fulton said...

This is free to all, please visit our site and click on the video stream button. Please join us!!!

Steve Fulton
Niagara Peninsula Branch

BDM said...

Great to see this initiative!