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Heritage Ottawa September walking tours

Heritage Ottawa is offering three walking tours in September:

Village of Cumberland * (new tour)
September 9, 2:00 pm - MEET: Maple Hall, 2552 Old Montreal Road, Cumberland
$10.00 ($5.00 for Heritage Ottawa members)
Cumberland Village traces its beginnings back to the earliest days of settlement in the Ottawa Valley.  Explore how transportation changed village life from when river traffic was king until the coming of the automobile.  Heritage Ottawa is pleased to partner with the Cumberland Township Historical Society and Cumberland Heritage Village Museum for a heritage tour of the Village of Cumberland.   Extend your tour to view the historic buildings relocated from throughout the Township to the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum site. Tour participants will receive reduced admission to the Museum. Light refreshments will be available for purchase.
GUIDES: Dorothy-Jane Smith and Jean François Beaulieu are local historians and Cumberland Township Historical Society executive members
Info: 613-230-8841 or
NOTE:  Cumberland Township Historical Society members are eligible for the Heritage Ottawa members’ tour rate of $5.00

Clemow Avenue Driveway: Ottawa's Forgotten Architectural Gem (new tour)
September 16, 2:00 pm - MEET: Patterson Creek Pavilion near Linden Terrace and Queen Elizabeth Driveway
$10.00 ($5.00 for Heritage Ottawa members)
A little over a century ago, the Ottawa Improvement Commission set out to beautify Ottawa to make it look more like a capital city.  In keeping with the ideals of Frederick Law Olmstead, whose model for architectural and landscape design worked wonders in Washington D.C., the OIC built landscaped scenic driveways along the Rideau Canal and other prominent Ottawa roads.  An overlooked feature of the system is Clemow Avenue, first conceived in 1903. The Clemow Avenue Driveway, which included a section of Monkland Avenue, extended west from the Queen Elizabeth Driveway near the canal to Bronson Avenue and Dow’s Lake.  Intended as a ceremonial route, it was set up as a wide boulevard, with rows of trees and large houses set well back from the street.
GUIDE:  Andrew Elliott, writer, archivist and architectural historian, is working on a community history research project for Clemow Avenue and nearby streets.                              

Info: 613-230-8841 or

Lowertown East
September 23, 2:00 pm – MEET: École Secondaire de La Salle, Old St. Patrick and Beausoleil, (#1 bus route)
$10.00 ($5.00 for Heritage Ottawa members)
Lowertown East, bounded by Rideau, King Edward, St. Patrick and the Rideau River, has been home to many important religious, residential and civic buildings. Despite a controversial 1970’s urban redevelopment, it is a walkable neighbourhood with a strong multicultural history, five designated heritage buildings, works by important Ottawa architects and a former city cemetery.

GUIDE: David Jeanes, urban activist and long-time resident of Ottawa.

Info: 613-230-8841 or

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