Thursday, 20 September 2012

Irish newspaper images new at Ancestry

It's good to see Ancestry getting more into providing newspapers, the latest being a collection of 30 for Ireland, 1763-1890. The collection is a bit hit and miss, with missing years, months and days. It's also a browse collection, no digital searching unfortunately.

The papers and years available are:

Cork Mercantile Chronicle: 1802-1818
Northern Star: 1892-1897
Notes from Ireland: 1886-1890
The Belfast Mercury: 1783-1786
The Belfast Evening Post: 1786-1787
The Cork General Advertiser: 1777
The Dublin Builder: 1859-1866
The Dublin Evening Mail: 1855
The Dublin Penny Journal: 1832-1836
The Freeman's Journal: 1763-1882
The Hiberian Chronicle: 1769-1802
The Irish Builder: 1867-1890
The Irish Felon: 1848
The Irish People: 1863-1867
The Irish Times: 1864-1889
The Irishman: 1819-1825
The Leinster Journal 1800-1828
The Londonderry Journal: 1785
The Meath People: 1857-1863
The Morning News: 1882-1887
The Nation: 1850-1852
The Nationalist: 1886-1890
The Northern Star: 1792-1793
The Roscommon Constitutionalist: 1889-1890
The Tralee Chronicle: 1870, 1875
The United Irishman: 1848
The Waterford Chronicle: 1777
The Waterford Herald: 1792-1793
The Waterford Mirror: 1801-1827

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