Friday, 28 September 2012

Family Tree DNA sale

A snap sale from Family Tree DNA aimed at newcomers and upgrades by promoting the Family Finder and the Full Mitochondria Sequence (FMS). This sale started Friday, September 28, at 12:00am and ends Sunday, September 30, at 11:59PM.

New KitsCurrent PriceSALE PRICE
Family Finder$289$199
Family Finder + mtFullSequence$559$398
UpgradesCurrent PriceSALE PRICE
Family Finder$289$199
HVR1 to mtFullSequence$269$199
HVR2 to mtFullSequence$239$199

As with all promotions, orders need to be placed by the end of the sale and payment must be made by the end of the sale.

This is posted by special request of Linda Reid in Toronto (no relation) who needs more matches with identified British roots!

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