06 December 2013

23andMe suspends health service, promotes ancestry service

At 23andMe.com you'll find a notice explaining that as a result of US Federal Drug Administration action the company health-related service for new customers is suspended. Click through a legal notice and you come to a page which claims 23andMe is

The largest DNA ancestry service in the world

That's arguably not the case; it depends on how you assess DNA ancestry service

At present service to existing customers is unaffected. Login and the world returns to the way it was before for both health and ancestry service.

Read the company blog post on the situation at http://goo.gl/3gujgJ

As the company will be bleeding money until the health service can be restored I'd advise present customers to download their raw results which may then be uploaded to gedmatch.com for free, or to familytreedna.com for a $49 fee.

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