14 December 2013

Revised BCG Standards Manual

Looking to be more professional in your genealogy? The US-based Board for Certification of Genealogists has issued a revised Standards Manual.

While the standards themselves are basically unchanged, no revolution has occurred, the revised manual "completely updates and reorganizes the original 2000 edition of The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual."

From the BCG blog post:

"The 83 specific standards cover the process of researching family history and the finished products of the research. Based on the five-part Genealogical Proof Standard, the standards cover:
  • documenting (standards 1–8);
  • researching (standards 9–50), including planning, collecting, and reasoning from evidence;
  • writing (standards 51–73), including proofs, assembly, and special products;
  • teaching and lecturing (standards 74–81); and
  • continuing education (standards 82 & 83).
The 100-page book includes appendices: the genealogist’s code, a description of BCG and its work, a list of sources and resources where examples of work that meets standards are regularly published, a glossary, and an evidence-process map distinguishing the three kinds of sources, information, and evidence."
As mandatoryfor BCG, there's a citation:
Board for Certification of Genealogists. Genealogy Standards, 50th anniversary edition. New York: Turner Publishing Co., 2014. 100 pp., paper, ISBN 978-1-63026-018-7, $14.95.
 The publication is on sale pre-publication for $11.95.

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