12 December 2013

Canada Post changes

With postal rates due to increase, is your family history society going to adapt? Many societies have already moved to delivering their quarterly magazine over the net, with a grandfather provision for those unwilling or unable to adapt. Personally I'd welcome the change if the Society provided an archive of past issues in a virtual library. Fewer dead trees, several less things for me to store and eventually throw away, and maybe a little extra motivation to further develop a Society virtual library.

I'm not looking forward to losing home mail delivery, a pain that could be alleviated if notice of newly arrived mail was given over the web. Who wants to go trudging through a blizzard or a heat wave only to find the expected cheque was not delivered.

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Anonymous said...

I think some people just like having a printed quarterly magazine to read. One can bring it anywhere. It is not a case of being unwilling to adapt. Some people prefer an actual book to the electronic version. I personally find printed paper pages are easier on my eyes.

Anne S.