06 December 2013

Announcements about RootsTech 2014

The program of six keynote speakers for Rootstech 2014, 6-8 February in Salt Lake City has just been announced at http://goo.gl/Z5UmrA. The double bill of Judy Russell and Spencer Wells on Friday is a must not miss, especially for those of us into genetic genealogy.

If you can't get to RootsTech 2014 the keynotes will likely be streamed live. For additional coverage you might want to make a note of the blogs which will be covering Rootstech. It's a high profile blogger group and I'm looking forward to hearing their perspectives, as well as watching some of the live streaming.  Some other presentations will likely be available on a delayed basis.

The list is at https://rootstech.org/about/bloggers/

Sadly there's nobody to provide a Canadian perspective and only one official blogger from outside the US who will be attending. Also just one of the keynotes is presented by someone from outside the US, and that person from one of the major sponsors.

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