03 December 2013

Ancestry adds Isle of Man marriage links

Ancestry has added the Isle of Man, Marriage Index, 1606-1984 to its "Web" collection of databases.  That means they are automatically searched through Ancestry, but for more detailed information you're linked to the originating site. In this case that's the Explore Family History section of the Manx National Museum website at http://www.imuseum.im/FamilyHistory/Explore.mth which has lots more than the marriage index.


The corresponding baptism and burial indexes have now been added.


Here's a tip from Lesley Anderson. You can add value to an Ancestry.ca membership by clicking the drop-down menu from your user name, going to Email Settings and adjusting your profile to receive news and special offers.

That's also the place to turn them off if it gets to be too much.

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