09 December 2013

Google Earth for genealogy

In September Lisa Loise Cooke was at the BIFHSGO annual conference speaking about, among other things, Google Earth. It's perhaps her most favoured presentation. In a blog post Lisa mentions how the presentation helped BIFHSGO member Gail Rogers find her way to the site of an old family business in Staffordshire – and the place where her ancestor died.
There's a link to a free video presentation on Google Earth for Genealogy by Lisa, sponsored by Roots Magic, from that post at  http://lisalouisecooke.com/2013/10/google-earth-helps-genealogist-find-family-business/

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turner said...

Google Earth is also a wonderful way to prepare for travel where your ancestors lived. In streetview it allows you to see the neighbourhood of whatever place you plan to visit, and to look out for construction on hotels which web sites won't mention, for example. It also allows you to check out old addresses to see if historic buildings of places your family lived are still standing. Cheers.