24 December 2013

TNA webinars for 2014

Audrey Collins told me early last year that The (UK) National Archives would be presenting webinars. It's taken a while - good things are supposed to be worth waiting for. A series of six pilot webinars, one every month from January to June 2014, are now set. They're free, you just have to register.There's a dedicated Webinar page with all the details. All times are UK clock time, allow for the time zone difference.

20 January 2014
Discovery is the key to The National Archives' holdings, both digitised and original records. This webinar will look at how to conduct searches, using keywords, filters and other useful features.
Presented by Audrey Collins

13 February 2014
This webinar will look at how the army accounted for the money it spent on its personnel and what you can discover in the records apart from financial costs.
Presented by William Spencer.

12 March 2014
This webinar will look at passenger lists and other records for the popular destinations for migrants leaving the United Kingdom. Increasing numbers of these records have been digitised and are now available online.
Presented by Roger Kershaw.

08 April 2014
Medieval and early modern records can be very informative, although they are often harder to locate than those for more recent periods. This webinar will provide an overview of sources in The National Archives and elsewhere. Presented by Nick Barratt.

12 May 2014
The workhouse was a major feature in the lives of the poor, whether or not they were ever inmates themselves. This webinar will help you to explore records in The National Archives, showing what life was like inside the workhouse, and how it was viewed by those outside.
Presented by Paul Carter.

11 June 2014
Unit war diaries, trench maps and photographs are just some of the sources held in The National Archives. This webinar looks at how to find these records, using Discovery, our online catalogue, and use them.
Presented by David Langrish

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