22 December 2013

Facebook for family history

A short article from Family Tree (UK) magazine for those of us, and I include myself, still puzzled about how to use the biggest social network, and second most popular website, for family history.


There are some avid Facebookers who read the blog. Please post a comment if you have any further suggestions.


Paul Milner said...


Cyndi Ingle, host of Cyndi's List recently posted on her blog about using Threads on Facebook for Genealogists. My understanding is that she has more posts planned for using Social Media for genealogy.

You can read the full post at http://cyndislist.blogspot.com/2013/12/facebook-for-genealogy-threads.html

Unknown said...

John, I was skeptical about using Facebook for genealogy, but I have found that there are a number of very useful groups, including Genetic Genealogy, Technology for Genealogy, and Social Media for Genealogy. I have learned a lot from these groups. However, I have not had any success just by searching for surnames.

GeniAus said...

I use FB for genealogy reluctantly because so many others others are there. I much prefer Google+.

Caroline Gurney said...

I use Facebook as a major resource for tracing living people. If you find one person in a family, their list of friends will very often lead you to a number of others. Timelines which show place of birth, date of marriage and births of children are also very common.