04 February 2014

Famous Canadians common ancestry

What do the Canadians, lumber baron  J. R. Booth, department store founder Timothy Eaton, WW1 cabinet minister Sam Hughes, and hockey star Bobby Orr have in common?

Yes, they're all men, but there's more.

According to the book Ulster & Canada they're all of Ulster-Scots descent.

The book is one of more than 30 free publication from the Ulster-Scots Community Network. Other titles in the series Ulster & include China, New England, New Zealand, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Perhaps to make up for a lack of women in these volumes there's Herstory, profiles of eight Ulster-Scots women.


turner said...

Most interesting organization I have never heard of before. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I believe there was a tradition on the part of Timothy Eaton to give other Ulster-Scotsmen a job in his Toronto store. My grandfather worked for him in the 1920's.

Anne in Ottawa

Anonymous said...

For more on Canada's Ulster Scots see: