13 February 2014

News from Genealogy Tours of Scotland

Christine Woodcock, who edits the BIFHSGO monthly online newsletter from her home in Brantford, operates a company Genealogy Tours of Scotland. Christine is very knowledgeable about Scottish family history; there's a nothing like an expert guide who knows the ropes. How good are they, the next tour, starting on May 5th right after the OGS conference in St Catharines, is already full!
If a Scottish genealogy tour is something that would help you along the next tour is scheduled for December 1- 10, subject to demand. That's unlikely to be the best time weather-wise but the traffic in archives will be less congested, and you'll be able to enjoy "Edinburgh in its Christmas splendour."
If you're the type who likes to plan well in advance contact Christine at genealogytoursofscotland@gmail.com about plans for tours in 2015. There will very likely be one April 19-28 which will include the 2015 SAFHS conference.


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