18 February 2014

OGS Conference Workshop: Autosomal DNA for Genealogy

On the morning of Friday May 2 at OGS conference 2014 (pdf) I'll be leading participants through a workshop Autosomal DNA for Genealogy 

As described in the conference brochure:

DNA testing is the latest technique for exploring your genealogy. Following a brief overview of DNA for genealogy the workshop will explore what  can be learned from the Family Finder test offered by FTDNA (www.ftdna.com) or the test available from 23andMe (www.23andme.com).
To get maximum benefit from the workshop you should have your autosomal DNA test results available with interactive access during the session  (wi-fi available). Allow 12 weeks from ordering the test to obtain results. 
The 12 weeks in advance is passed but you stand a good chance of receiving results if you order your test right away. Given the embargo on health results from 23andMe I presently recommend the Family Finder test from Family Tree DNA.

If you're uncertain about whether you could benefit, have questions, or just want to let me know you're attending, feel free to email johndreid at gmail dot com.


Unknown said...

John will you be doing this workshop anywhere else in the near future I don't know if I can make Fri Morning

JDR said...

Robert: I have no commitments to offer this elsewhere. BIFHSGO will have some good DNA talks at the May meeting and at the September conference.